Exactly What Your Blood Kind Claims Regarding Your Personality In Korea

Exactly What Your Blood Kind Claims Regarding Your Personality In Korea

By Honorary Reporter, Naana Essilfie-Quaye from Morocco

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When getting to learn some body, it is more prevalent to inquire about associated with height and age. However in Southern Korea apart being expected regarding the height, your indication along with your age (to be able to decide how you will be addressed ; formal or casual), there is certainly the opportunity that at one point or perhaps the other, you will likely to be expected ‘’what can be your bloodstream type’’. While not scientifically proven, Koreans think that each blood kind features its own unique predictive character and temperament, comparable to horoscopes into the western.

The idea originated whenever various notions of dividing populations by bloodstream kind from Nazi Germany. In 1910s and 1920s research had been designed to show superiority that is racial examining bloodstream kind circulation. This concept ended up being later used because of the Japanese scholar Takeji Furukawa, whom had written a paper proposing a connection between bloodstream kind and character and to explain sensed racial characteristics in 1927. His concept became much more popular through a number of publications posted by one Masahiko Nomi, that has no health background. The bloodstream kind personality concept became more main-stream in Korea around 2004, whenever numerous pop music tracks ,films and television programs checking out the concept shot to appeal specially with all the launch of the 2005 romantic comedy ‘My Boyfriend is Type B’, where a kind a female and a type B man are incompatible as a few because of their blood-defined characters.

Till date the actual only real reasons Koreans still ask each other’s bloodstream kind is to test character, temperament and compatibility before leaping into any relationship be it romantic or platonic.

To start out, you can find bloodstream kinds A, B, AB and O. Using this in mind why don’t we see just what the personalities of the bloodstream kinds are in line with the Korean bloodstream kind character chart.

1. BLOODSTREAM TYPE A (A-hyeong/ )


In line with the chart that is korean people who have bloodstream kind an are recognized to be diplomatic and friendly, nevertheless because of the sensitive and painful nature they might would like to be alone versus be concerned in groups because they may feel uncomfortable in crowded areas or parties.

Likewise, they truly are delicate hearted and effectively get hurt, along these relative lines it needs some investment in order for them to open as much as people. Other people might take this adversely and interpret them as snobs because individuals with bloodstream kind A are proficient at curbing their emotions and don’t go to town much in comparison to other kinds of bloodstream such as for example bloodstream kind B or O

Blood compatibility that is type A

-The most useful blood kind compatibility is O, accompanied by A.

-The worst bloodstream kind compatibility is B.

known superstars with bloodstream kind A

-Shinee Choi Min Ho

-BTS Jhope, RM, Jimin, Jungkook

-Actor Lee Mon Ho.


Individuals with bloodstream kind B will be the many extroverted when compared with other styles of bloodstream. They’re autonomous and enthusiastic, particularly when coping with somebody / something which fascinates them. This type usually do not wait to show their thoughts that are true thereafter they’ve been often observed as narcissistic regarding the grounds that they’re extremely obstinate and small reluctant to communicate; regardless of how other people feel. They’re also interested, truthful and appreciate attention, so folks of bloodstream team B will make buddies effortlessly, just like a social butterfly! Interestingly, in Korea, males with kind B bloodstream are known to be playboys and they are perhaps perhaps not suited to a stable and committed relationship. Nevertheless, the argument about this just isn’t proper, needless to say.

Blood Type Compatibility for B

-The most readily useful bloodstream kind compatibility is AB, followed closely by O.

– The worst blood kind compatibility is A.

known a-listers with bloodstream type B

– Actor Hyun Bin

3. BLOOD TYPE AB (AB-hyeong/ )

Set alongside the others, these are typically the many sort that is fascinating since this type of bloodstream is named either genius or psycho. These are typically capricious from the grounds they sometimes have no control over it that they regularly bounce around starting with one action then onto the next and as their disposition is a blend of blood type A and B, their personalities change rapidly depending on their mood and situation, and. Likewise, type ABs are rational thinkers, so when they start thinking about specific circumstances irrational, they are unable to bear it. As a result, they could have a couple of challenges interacting with people, offering other people an improper impression to be moody or two-faced.

Blood Type Compatibility for AB

-The most useful bloodstream type compatibility is AB, followed closely by B.

-The worst bloodstream kind compatibility is O.

known superstars with bloodstream kind AB

-Actor Kim Soo Hyun

-SM’s BoA and Kim Heechul

4. BLOOD TYPE O (O-hyeong/ )

These are typically regarded as high in power, practical and friendly. Bloodstream type O can be labeled a normal leader. They truly are experts at interacting their views constructively, making sure every person listens for them, while staying friendly to any or all. They understand just how to get a grip on their emotions very well, offering us an impression that is significant of relaxed and in check. A study in Korea shows that bloodstream kind O is considered the most blood that is preferred by CEOs, recruiters and colleagues because of the above listed characteristics. And also this is actually a huge label in Korean also till date. Though bloodstream kind Os could have a reputation to be powerful outside, nevertheless, they truly are extremely responsive inside. People who have kind O bloodstream involve some nagging issues voicing their emotions due to an anxiety about rejection and additionally they usually appear to tire themselves away hoping to get things done completely.

Bloodstream Type Compatibility for O

-The most readily useful bloodstream kind compatibility is A, followed closely by B.

– The worst bloodstream type compatibility is AB.

known superstars with bloodstream kind O

-EXO Baekhyun and Sehun

-Actor Kim Won Bin