C. Industries proposed the second epitaph having themselves: “Here lies W

C. Industries proposed the second epitaph having themselves: “Here lies W

enervate* (Durante oer VAYT) vt. in order to sap out of strength, lifetime, vigor, an such like.; in order to weaken for some reason, personally if not; to devitalize; to -adj. weakened • A long commute to work each and every morning is enough to enervate some people. • Of several was basically enervated by the eyes of slide of one’s Community Exchange Heart before are angered so you’re able to hit back. • A home team’s dropping streak should be an enthusiastic Lancaster local hookup enervating issue. [-d, enervating, enervation n.] [Syn. unnerve, weaken]

boost (for the HAENS) vt. step 1. and make better (in price, well worth, charm, an such like.); heighten; augment; dos. to switch the quality or standing out-of; step three. to help you electronically help the clarity out of a photograph, images, an such like. as a pc • Planting tone woods will raises the value of property. • A visit to this new day spa enhanced Audrey’s appearance. • Electronic pictures can frequently conveniently be enhanced because of the computers on your pictures processor’s prevent. [-d, enhancing, -ment n.] [Syn. intensify]

C. Industries

enigmatic* (En ig Pad ik) adj. of otherwise including a problem; perplexing; baffling • Don’s term was enigmatic; we could not believe exactly what he was considering. • How the monster snowball appeared towards baseball community from the middle away from Summer try enigmatic. [-ally* adv.] [Syn. obscure]

enjoy (en Contentment) vt. step one. to play satisfaction; get pleasure from; relish; 2. to obtain the work for otherwise benefit of • Margo features experiencing an excellent Beethoven symphony. • Steven liked their song’s getting a massive way of measuring radio and you can Tv airtime. [-ed, -ing]

illuminate (durante LY tin) vt. step 1. in order to free of lack of knowledge, bias, or superstition; 2. to share with; express to help you; instruct • Years of experience in brand new electorate got served so you’re able to enlighten the senator concerning folly out of favoring you to definitely group over the other. • Please enlighten me to what time you have domestic past nights. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. inform]

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enmity (Durante mi tee) n. the new sour anger or feeling of a challenger, otherwise of mutual enemies towards the each other; hostility; antagonism • The latest Romans additionally the Scots got high enmity on each other. • Big enmity classified rival gangs from il during Prohibition. [Syn. violence, animosity, antagonism]

ensemble (into the SOM bil) n. 1. every bits taken with her; the complete perception; 2. a whole costume outfit, specifically that that have complimentary stuff regarding attire, such as for example a suit; step three. a team of stars, dancers, etc., exactly who do together; cuatro. a music group • The success of the brand new debating team does not other people for the arms of just one representative however, drops to your clothes. • That have one or two sets from jeans, several blouses, as well as 2 jackets, you can make eight various other ensembles. • This is good theatrical outfit, with no solitary celebrity. • This new sequence quartet is actually an incredibly talented dress. epidemiology (EP we Deem ee OL uh jee) letter. step 1. brand new branch of drug one to investigates the causes and you will power over epidemics; 2. all of the aspects that merge to cause or end good state during the an inhabitants; ecology off an illness • The fresh epidemiology of your own episode of the Ebola malware from inside the Africa could have been studied very carefully. • The brand new epidemiology off Western Nile trojan as well as outbreak in the eastern You was significantly less than personal scrutiny. [epidemiological adj., epidemiologist letter.]

epilogue (EP i Log) letter. step 1. an ending section put in a novel, gamble, etcetera. delivering additional feedback, translation, otherwise information; 2. a short speech or poem see from the an actor into listeners after a play • An epilogue will be to the termination of a story exactly what a good prologue is to try to the start. • Shortly after their opera Wear Giovanni finished on head character’s supposed so you can heck, Mozart felt obliged to add an epilogue that being said the newest Don’s departure left the country a pleased set. • Douglas MacArthur’s “Old Soldiers Never Die” message so you can Congress is viewed because the epilogue so you’re able to their community. epitaph (EP they AF) letter. 1. terminology authored to the an excellent tomb otherwise gravestone within the recollections of your individual buried indeed there; dos. a primary bit in the prose otherwise verse, written as the a good tribute so you’re able to a dead individual, past event, an such like. • W. I would personally instead be residing in Philadelphia.” (This is not on his tombstone.) • When World war ii concluded, their epitaph is splashed around the paper top profiles in almost any area. epitomize* (we Pit uh MYZ) vt. step 1. to conclude the details out of a text, report, incident, an such like.; 2. indicating all of the variety of features off things • A good book report will be critique and epitomize the facts of your publication. • Actor Michael Douglas epitomizes all the qualities from their father, Kirk. [-d, epitomizing] [Syn. summarize]